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Sock Boys News and Reviews

Just look at this! ... When was the last time this many TIN's where not only in the same channel but playing the same game? .... Rainbow six siege is a amazing game that has re-united the squad, for those that donk know, its a tactical 5v5 C.Q.B game that requires good teamwork, practice and a knowlage of the maps to play well. visit the below link for more info.

We have been having a blast on this pretty much every night, one of the best FPS games since BHD.


New ts3 server change.
Ok fattys.... If you have tried to get onto TS3 in the last few hours you will notice it seems to be down, its actually not soupy has changed servers due to the issues we where having so we actually have a new I.P address. Soupy is currently working on getting the new TS3 details intergrated back onto the home page like before(look right). 

New I.P:-
The Division

Well this game looks nothing like i expected ... I dont know what i expected but i didnt expect this! Looks really good. Cant wait for the beta.