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EA confirms Star Wars Battlefront open beta dates...
So EA have confirmed the dates for Star Wars Battlefront open beta, It will start on October 8th & end on October 12th.
It will feature three different game modes. Pre-load starts on the 7th of October but its 11GB so i dont think SLOMO will get to play it untill atleast November.
Gear VR
Gear VR Virtual reality, anytime, anywhere.

This looks incredible, If you own either the Note 5, S6, S6 Edge, and S6 Edge+ you can buy on of these things in November for around $99(around £65), There’s also a new Gear VR Gamepad(not included with headset)Watching a movie with the VR headset is supposed to be amazing, Its laid out like you are actually in a cinema, Gives you the perspective you are looking at a huge, huge cinema screen, You can look around the cinema and see all the seats i think you can actually choose where you wanna sit to ... With support from Netflix and other major movie studios you wont run short of things to watch, Get a closer look in the link below.

Some gaming footage.
Team Rocket
So there is a Rocket League team called Team Rocket, They are apparently one of the best trios in the world. Take a gander at the vid below and check out the skills, Anybody thats has played RL will understand exactly just how much practice this would take .... If you havent played rocket league give it a try, Its 100% pure light hearted fun and i guarantee you will love it.